treading water


working with plastic, cellophane and open air

and we're trying to compensate for some great release.

i won't please you with this.

salivating at the smell of la mer,

knowing that we won't fight ever again.

saving the last living words with due diligence

i won't ever satiate you with this.




all that well

there's a jacket busting at the seams, with hands in pockets palming what we fought for. no room to make amends or to unlock any doors. backtracking to the day, we can't seem to find.

something morose about grieving, about settling.

we hate what we do because it's our only option.



oh, the passionate ones with the most attractive wounds. they will please the curious, passive and temperamental all in the same. there will be a mutual agreement; an exchange of documents. we must carry out these fucking operations with the lowest possible latency to ensure efficient net output.

hello, again.

i am here to provide you with a tour of our most ripened sonic landscapes. please adorn this equipment so that we may proceed with the exhibits. at the end of everything, i am here to deceive you and rape you of everything you deem important.

hello, again.

there will be no equilibrium, there will be no mutual satisfaction. we are positive that you will enjoy your experience here with us, eyes kept under a blindfold of hypotheticals.

hello again, and don't forget to fucking smile.


thief (the risk)

and there will be erasure, certain meticulous alterations of what has been done. what has been forgotten. the dynamic balance of the brain, the way one can alter what is perceived to be correct, reasonable, or rape. the fomer is most certainly subjective, but can be interpreted as objective when referring to oneself.

bad habits form bad decisions form misguided leaps across intervals so large that they expand towards nothing; towards the future.

i create these things so that they will be overlooked. these words that are given the glare of optics for less than a millisecond each; these are there to be purposely forgotten.

these are placed purposely to be forgotten as a reminder of how it is easy to forget people; or that person.


"follow me to a place where we've never been before"

a simple, but appropriate analysis of the birth of this "repository" is that it is representative of how i have been operating after having a stark realization. a project may be the spawn of an unorthodox lineage of thoughts that will steadily proliferate over time, or it may be based on nothing and ultimately become stillborn.

i am creating this for myself to see if i can start something on a promise that gradually became empty to me. it was only after an epiphany did that promise carry malicious overtones.

every project that i start is never pushed to completion.

we all have created promises based on the fact that they were known to be eventually broken. these sentiments are what you remember the most. those 5-second argumentative samples are what linger in the brain, they are never nebulous, never "at the tip of the tongue," never unclearly defined.

we remember these things clearly, we remember when we fall asleep.

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