we walked alone

until the soles of our shoes dissolved into the ground

and when our hearts couldn't keep up

we backed down



dilating, heterochromic eyes

perfectly sunk into a supple head

i struggled to silence those demons

but i've mistakenly killed you instead



we listened & sang to death cab whilst simultaneously falling apart.



talking to the devil inside

i've been dealing with demons, ever since

she found comfort in the horizon

and i found mine, in the wake of her breath.



we were a vector pointing towards the lowering sun

i'm stealing glances at the edge of my periphery as she props her head up with her elbow at the edge of the window. her gaze unfocused, intentions disguised.

she was the beautiful risk that i was willing to take.

i inhale the sun's radiant waves as they filter through her blonde strands. i drew in deep breaths to keep my soul aflame.

in this sliver of time, i lay my worry to rest.

"let's play a game," the words escape from behind her teeth and spill out into the void in between.

i subtley raise my eyebrows in acceptance.

"these songs mean something to each of us, and i want to know what binds and what divides," she keeps her eyes transfixed on the reddening sky.

"disintegration," i feel my defenses crumbling down.

"hayling," her eyes begin to transform into worry.

"street spirit," the anchor is dropped and consumed by the sea.

"...fade out," she let's go of the descent and begins her turn.

"roads," with this, she turns her head and hazel eyes while stroking her collar bone.

limitless vulnerabilities, and i try my best to shield them from the harm i can potentially inflict.

i stop the car, the flowing air comes to a standstill and her golden head of hair freezes a perfect frame around a picturesque portrait against a darkening cloud-filled sky.

"tiny vessels," and we stop to think.

"brothers on a hotel bed," she whispers in quiet response.

i lean over and cradle her head in my hands a lay a kiss atop her head while i feel her succumb to our disconnect. i feel the faintest drops of tears that trace over her cheekbones and down onto my palms. i feel her warmth radiate outwards and seep into my hands, and i wish i could place it into a jar for future recollection.

she holds her breath, and we just stop to think.